Dragonshark Capital X Presail

About Presail:

Presail is a software and web service for everything related to the management of presales. They help VC’s, investment funds and their investors get the overview they’ve been missing by streamlining and securing the process to contribute, distribute and manage deals.

Benefits of Presail:

Presail helps us manage every step in the process of raising funds from contribution to distribution.

Provides each member of our community one place to keep track of their individual investments and unlocks.


  • All data is AES-GCM encrypted
  • Zero tracking pixels, no Google, no IP tracking, no personal data
  • Enterprise-level Secure Access Service Edge powered by Cloudflare

Why did we chose Presail as our raise platform?

We chose Presail because it is the best platform available for a commnity-driven group to raise funds for projects.




Dragonshark Capital: